Christmas DIY Ornament Vase

Christmas DIY Ornament Vase 


1 clear vase (Can purchase at Dollar Tree, Thrift Store, Michaels, etc.)

Small Christmas Ornament Balls (I got mine at the Dollar Tree. You can choose any color, sparkly or non, to go with your theme. I would recommend not glass ones that could easily break when piled on top of each other).

How To:

This is a VERY simple ornament vase. I would wash, rinse and dry your vase first to make sure it is very clear. If you are doing multicolor ornament balls just vary the colors as you put them in the vase. If you have a lot of one color I would put the majority in the middle All that matters is what is seen on ornaments that are next to the glass. 🙂

This makes a very pretty centerpiece for a table.

Easy and Affordable!!!


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