Dollar Tree is Cheaper

Hey yall!

I want to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Huge shout out to all those working on the holiday. I’m right there with ya.

Yesterday, I went to Michaels before work. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Michaels. They also always have great coupons in the paper or on their website. The one down side is that they are truly expensive when it comes to some things. I noticed their ornaments seemed to be between $5-$12 each. The first picture above is of a Michaels owl ornament. The second picture is of an owl ornament from the Dollar Tree. If you are on a budget, check your local dollar tree for gift bags and holiday decor. They have some BEAUTIFUL gift bags this year. I will upload a photo tomorrow of some of them. Also, I will be doing a gift bag DIY next so please check back for that.

I just LOVE this cup below. If it had been a little less I would have gotten it . (It was $10) There was a plaid dog and cat design.


Just for giggles, I did see a big box of Marshmallow “cereal.” It is like eating JUST the Marshmallows in Lucky Charms. I agree that this is the best part!!! I had sticker shock when I looked at the price though. -_-  $24.99  . If I work for a few hours I can afford a box of cereal.



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