Black Friday Deals!!! Links to Sales!

Hope everyone found a good deal for Black Friday.  I know that it is really easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping. I often do it!!! Just please be careful. I see a lot of people buying tons of items. Shopping sales is a good thing but not if you go into major debt doing so 🙂  I try to buy things that I need. One of 3 things tends to happen though. 1. There are so many things I need that I can’t figure out what I need more. 2. I get caught up in the  hype when everyone is shopping that I buy way too many things. 3.  I feel incredibly stressed so I take it out on shopping. 🙂

Below are two deals I am thankful to have found. I saved a ton of money so I wanted to share them with you. As of TONIGHT the sale is still going on online.


This is a Biddeford Heated Throw. If it ever gets cold here in SC I will REALLY enjoy this. Anything warm to me is very relaxing. I purchased for $24.99 from Kohl’s. Normally, these are $79.99. If interested click here for the add.

The one I am really excited about is below!!


Ahhh!! I found a Rebel T6 DSLR with free 32 GB SD card. Comes with EF-S 18-55mm IS 11 and EF 75-300m 111 lens. The sale price is: $449.99. Regularly $699.99 . If interested, the link is here. I did purchase it online and it came with free shipping. There is an option to get a protection plan which I always do. I believe it was around $40ish dollars for one year or $70 ish dollars for two years. It is good to have in case you have any problem with your camera or need a cleaning.

I had posted a  picture of these the other day. I loved these coffee mugs  but did not want to pay $10 each. Today, all of Michaels pet Accessories went 50% off. Of course there was a sign and the cups did not ring up as 50 % off. I explained this to them though and they realized I was correct. There was also a coupon in the paper yesterday for a 30% any item Friday (on top of sales prices). So ultimately, I ended up buying three adorable plaid animal coffee mugs with golden colored paw “spoons” for around $12 with tax included.  YESSSSS !!! I will be giving these to my longest standing pet sitting customers.


Lastly, I found two pairs of New Balance Door Buster tennis  shoes today for $29.98. I got one ladies pair and one mens pair. I have really big wide feed as embarrassing as that is. One of the absolute hardest things for me to find is shoes that fit. I am so pleased with the price and brand of shoe that I found.

Below are pictures of them and it DOES look like the sale is still going on online tonight. Click here if interested. They have A LOT more men’s sizes left than they do women’s.

 Those are the main sales that I hit up 🙂 Bath and Body Works has a great deal going on still that is Buy 3 get 3 Free of ANYTHING.  Online that deal is still going on tonight. I have put items in my basket on the website but have not actually purchased them. I am on the fence, as spending $50 on Bath and Body Works items right now may not be the best financial decision for me. I would love some Vanilla Bean Noel cream and foam hand soap though so I am on the fence…  If interested in that sale it is online tonight! Click here 


Tomorrow yall these links may look completely different. I hope some get to check out the sales before they are over.  Huge shout out to all those that worked on Thanksgiving! I was right there with ya!! I did six pet sits and worked kennel from 1-7 PM. -_- I was SO tired.

Please click “Follow” at the top of the page if you would like to follow me 🙂 I plan on posting a lot of DIYs, shopping hauls, thrift finds, and easy recipes. I am all about simplicity and speed. Time is a commodity and after work the LAST thing that I want to do is spend forever trying to accomplish something haha.

Have a good night!


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