Identity Canvas


My counselor and I have been discussing identity lately.  I asked if she could give me an art project so she said for me to make an identity canvas. To cut out pictures that reminded me of myself and glue them on a canvas. This is really a cheap and fun craft.

You just need:

Canvas (you can get a used one at the thrift store!)

Few magazines with pictures


modge podge

spunge brush

You can easily do this craft for under $10. Cut out some magazine pictures that are appealing to you and glue them onto your canvas. Use your sponge brush to wipe mod podge on your canvas. You do not need a lot for the picture to stick. There are wrinkles in mine and I honestly probably used too much glue. I still really like it though! Get creative and learn about yourself. Add pictures, words, quotes, feathers, song lyrics, etc.  I put mine next to my bed so that I can remember what makes me happy on dark days.



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