Weight loss goals. The Struggle is REAL.

Tonight, I used the treadmill my granddaddy gave me for about 30 minutes for the first time. At the gym I can go an hour but this one is older and somehow I managed to forget my water bottle when I got on it. -_-

I am one of those people that STRUGGLES to lose weight. I fluctuate like crazy and am usually between a size 12-16 just depending.  I stress eat, drink beer occasionally, and sometimes really slack off on exercising. My job is very physical so it is hard to get motivated to go to the gym when I get home. Now I have a treadmill though at home so I think this is going to help.

I do not have a specific goal weight number. It just would not work for me as my body is never at the exact same weight.

Instead, my goals for 2016 are :

Learn how to cook more healthy meals

Eat more vegetables and fresh fruit

Utilize the gym and my treadmill

Go bike riding

Drink more water

I feel that a huge problem with a lot of peoples goals is that they are not easily obtained. Meaning that, more often than not, they leave the person feeling like they failed. Diets can leave people feeling starving and confused. Personally, they are not for me. I really like food. I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and usually a few snacks in between.

If you are trying to lose weight, hang in there. Know that many people are struggling and need support through this journey. I will share some recipes as I learn them that are simple and affordable.

Hope yall have a good night!!


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