Do you ever feel like you wake up wanting to be something different every day of he year. Or that your career ideas are on rotation? Some days, I can look at every book or major out there and not feel that any career field interests me. Below are the top ones though:

Professional Blogger

Selling Crafts



Those sound more like hobbies don’t they ? I am really struggling with this. I do love animals. I have been working as a kennel tech for a veterinary hospital for around 1.5 years now. I tried Veterinary Assisting but the stress level and medical side of it honestly did not interest me like it did others. It was a very hard job to emotionally in that you had to assist in euthanasia’s . Basically, you got to see people on one of the worst days of their life. It ws not for me but I have the upmost respect for those that do it.

I am an introvert. I recently did the Myers Bryggs personality test and I found out I was 97% introverted which explains why I want to just drink coffee and frequent bookstores.

Today I did see the book “Careers for Introverts” my McGraw-Hill. There is a whole series of these books. Another book I got was “Careers for Talkative Types.” I thought maybe that one should tell me careers I should NOT go into.


Anyway, the introvert book says I would do best being :

Forest Ranger (I am not big into being outside….)

Archivist (I hate History…)

Researcher (I can’t sit still)

Artist (this I like)

Writer (I love blogging)

Computer Professional (I know how to use facebook and email. That is about it)

Security Guard (I trip when there is nothing in front of me. Don’t think I could catch someone)

Mail Career  (This job requires a lot of memory which I have so little…..)

OK so I have narrowed it back down to Artist and Writer. I can’t say this book has been helpful so far haha but I have not read it much yet. The book discusses the qualifications of each profession and what to expect.

I used to focus a lot on money. I literally got a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) diploma back in the day for completely wrong reasons. I went to Charleston Southern and listed Nursing as my major. Quickly changed the major to Education. Education felt a lot less stressful but then I realized I had absolutely no passion for it. I’ve worked in retail for minimum wage folding tons and tons of clothes. I have scrubbed toilets and tubs on my hands and knees cleaning. I’ve definitely done daycare in the past. All of the jobs I burned out from.

I do enjoy working with animals and find it therapeutic . However, it is not a career I will probably stay with forever. For now though, I am thankful for it. I work part time for the first time in YEARS. I do pet sitting on the side and have gotten back into college. Currently, I am going for my Associate of Business. I am unsure I am even in the right major.


I am just trying to find myself.

Any tips? Are you in a similar situation? I would love to hear!


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