What Causes Stress

Everyone is completely different. In my life though, there are a few things that definitely stand out. I am hoping some can read this, identify, and laugh.

1. FOOD. So a  lot of us have those Pinterest pages with over a hundred recipes that look amazing. I bet maybe 2% of people get around to actually cooking them. Tons of recipes have like a billion ingredients too. -_- . When I get out at work my main goal is to stay awake and alert long enough to pull into the driveway and crawl to the nearest comfortable spot. My goal is NOT to head into the kitchen and start breaking out the pots and pans. I will, however, break out my slippers. Yes, food causes stress.

2. CRAFTING/ART  can be extremely stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I find it very therapeutic but also frustrating.  I have so many art supplies and somehow, I am always missing like five items that it takes to make the craft I am trying to make. I have to reference Pinterest again for this. I have actually made crafts from Pinterest that have turned out well! With that being said, I have folders with 10000 of crafts in them. I rarely look at them after I save the ideas because it feels to overwhelming.

3. EXERCISE is hard to make a habit. I recently got a treadmill that my grandfather gave me. I also have a gym membership to Planet Fitness for $10 a month. I keep telling myself that when I am not tired, I will work out. I forget that I am always tired. Another good one is, yeah I will exercise after work. That is a great IDEA. One which I recall three days after that shift. -_-

I need to just take a moment to introduce you to my new ornament for 2016. Meet “Stressed Santa.” He is on a float, drinking a tropical alcoholic beverage, looking like thank fuck this year is almost over.  When I saw him at Michaels I could not leave him. We just understood each other.



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