Old Books

I do not know what it is about old books. I just gravitate towards them. It is like seeing an old friend after a lot of time has gone by.  Tonight, at the thrift store. I found an old (in my opinion) series of Mark Twain books. They are over 100 years old! And also found a Victor Hugo series. I am embarrassed to say that I am not familiar with him. That being said, he wrote many books and that I can respect. I am unsure if I will read, sell, or just save these. Below are picture I wanted to share:



 There was a lady at the thrift store I did not like. She came over to look at the books where I was and commented about the collection. She explained that she wished she read history books (as the collection was mainly historical). Thinking I was being helpful I advised her that she could make a book craft out of one of the books. The pages are beautiful and aged. She looked at me and said with disgust, “you would destroy a book?”  Yeah, that is not what I was going for… I am not super pro taking apart books. BUT I do think that if you are making something beautiful with the pages, there are exceptions. So much for trying to help ha!

I got the majority of these books for  under $60!! There are so many. Even a second row behind the first row of each series.

I finished “Are  You There Alone- The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates” yesterday. If you love true crime, that is a good one. I will say that there is not much mystery involved though. You know who committed the crime and how the crime takes place from the beginning. The main suspense of the book is WHY did it happen. The book portrays Andrea Yates as someone that despite her mental illness and the horrific crime she committed, was a kind wife and loving mother. Below is  picture of the book. I come away from it feeling confused as to exactly how I feel about the entire thing. I continue to feel that mental illness is not a excuse for taking a persons life.


The books I got today from the library are below. They really describe me!


I already have read through the “Careers for Crafty People” by MGraw Hill. I really do like this series of books. I checked out “Careers for Introverted People” last week.  What stood out to me in this book was the idea of making things out of wood oddly. Like wood toys or wooden furniture.  I also like the idea of making illustrations. I need to teach myself how to draw. I used to suck at photography but I never gave it up. Years later, I see things differently. I have to remind myself that everyone sucks at first. EVERYONE.

The other books  “Careers for Shutter Bugs” by McGraw Hill  and books on Blogging.  I want to know more about how to gain a following and make my Blog better. I don’t think I have ever checked out books that were so up my ally.

Hoping everyone had a really good day!


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