Little White Christmas Tree


Even on my worst day,  I work for a company that has the best managers I have ever worked for. I believe that your working environment is, at the end of the day, what makes the difference between leaving your job and not. Though I did not get the chance to go, one of the head doctors from my clinic rented a beach house on Folly Beach to hold a Christmas party for the entire staff. Equipped with drinks, karaoke, and food. That is truly awesome.

Above is a picture of the white Christmas tree that our kennel manager put up. She brings in the decorations and lets us decorate. We have had a lot of fun doing that. She works a long side us, values our opinion, and laughs with us. More than that though she truly loves the animals she cares for.

I want to inspire people that if they are being mistreated by a manager, have a drama filled work environment, or just feel like they all around don’t want to go to their job to keep looking. Naturally, we are afraid of the unknown. With that being said, making a change can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

It’s crazy how a little while Christmas tree can make all the difference.





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