Today I was really drawn to the sky mixed with all the birds in the trees. There are some moments when I see something and have to drop everything to find my camera. I am unsure exactly what black birds are a sign for. I know that there were A LOT of them so I am going to pretend they are good luck.

I honestly cannot wait for 2017. This has been one of the toughest years financially, emotionally, educationally, etc. I am truly exhausted. Tonight I went through a lot of my books that were basically collecting dust. I had some financial and leadership books. A few millionaire and how to become rich ones… I think I  became more poor since buying those so I figured they were time to go. I am going to focus more on photography, blogging, cooking, creating, writing, and traveling in 2017.

I have a few recipes I will be uploading soon. Hoping everyone is having a good night! I would like to inspire you to get a Christmas tree with white lights. It is SO relaxing to look at during the night. The prelit trees are the best and you can even get the very small trees prelit for around $20.



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