I decided to take a quick into Marshalls today. RIGHT….what trip into Marshalls is EVER quick? I go in there feeling like I have everything I need. That I am just going to browse. Sadly, I did not have my phone to take pictures but I can tell you, they had some cute things that I all the sudden felt like I needed.  You know that thing where you go into a store and say I will not get a buggy. I will just carry what I need. Then you almost fall over from carrying so many things? Yeah….

I ended up leaving there with 2 Laura Ashley bras (sorry if that’t TMI), two mini dog yoga mats for bowls, a case of decorative Christmas Candy Canes for work, and a tin of sweets my boyfriend likes.  Oh and the pillowcases! They had these adorable pillowcases that said different things. The true struggle at night at my house is when my I take my boyfriend’s pillows. I am hoping this will help…..


The other one I saw said “Hubby” and “Wifey.” There was also an “I love you” and “I love you more” pillowcase.

Today was my day off and I spent it being pretty productive. I mailed a letter. (I know you are thinking wow…) but really I think this is the first year in YEARS that I have mailed things BEFORE Christmas. I returned some library book an spent a large majority of the day cleaning the house.

Hope everyone had a productive day!




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