Tonight I worked on finding a template for a new blog I am working on.  I know I just started this one but I new from the beginning that I wanted to research how to have my own website. I’m so thankful that wordpress offers a free blog. I have enjoyed this feature over the years and the simplicity that has always come with it.  It is my goal to one day have a professional blog that is followed by many. I read that it is important to write what you are passionate about, not what you feel others want to hear. With that in mind, I will  try to keep my writing directed at all that I love. It’s my belief that those with similar likes and beliefs will find me.

To all those that have a dream and find the courage to go after it, I applaud you.

As an ending note, I found a great list tonight that explains ways to save money at Starbucks~!! Who knew!? Check them out here at Rather-Be-Shopping .

Goodnight !


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