I hurt myself with shopping and cleaning

Does anyone love shopping so much that they think about it when they are not even in a store? I swear that I have dreamed about it before. I think it may be hereditary because my grandmother used to love to shop up and down King Street. I used to go with her when I was little. Wish I had known how much I would miss moments like that.

The problem with shopping for me is that I normally keep a balance of under $20 in my account before I get paid again. I have read Dave Ramsey’s books (which I HIGHLY recommend)  and have created a savings account. With that being said, I never budget correctly. Stuff brings me comfort. When I am in a store, I feel great relief when I am putting things into the buggy. When I bring them home I usually feel the reverse of that.  I am a very neat person and do not like clutter. I’m so thankful for that because if I did,  I would have things piled everywhere.

I believe we often FEEL we need things because we are hurting inside. There are things we can’t fix or control so we find alternatives. Maybe it is shopping, coffee, cleaning, over working, or eating too much. Those things are not technically bad but in excess, they are.  My counselor one time told me that maybe I clean so much because I am able to fix what is in my surroundings, where as I was unable to fix what was bothering me inside. I felt like she hit the nail on the head.

Just curious if anyone else have this struggle? Do you feel it is a problem? How do you manage or budget your time so it does not become a problem?

I would appreciate any advice!


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