Shopping in Savannah, GA and Tybee Island, GA.

Anyone that knows me, knows I really enjoy shopping. What I do not enjoys seeing is a SALE sign that is selling shirts for over $25. I do not think that counts as a sale….   anyway I am a bargain hunter 🙂 . Today, we went shopping in Savannah, GA. I took a lot more photography which I need to upload. The pictures below are from my camera phone so the quality is not great. I wanted to give you an idea of what I decided to buy and why though. Hope you enjoy!


There is an antique shop right off of Bull street in Downtown Savannah that my boyfriend and I went in. The item that stood out for me is this older stuffed dog with what appeared to be a beach ball pattern center.  I can see many people walking past this dog because I doubt he is “valuable.” However, this dog inspired me to figure out how to make ones similar! According to the 1984 date on the back, the dog is 32 years old. 🙂


One store my boyfriend always looks forward to going into is Savannah Bee Company. They have all different flavored honeys, meed, candles, and body products.  The fun thing is that you can sample a lot of items and they even have a “meed tasting” for $7 a person.  We got the Cinnamon Whipped honey which is AMAZING ($16.99).  I can’t wait to put it on french toast tomorrow. The Lemon Whipped honey was just as amazing. They had a Chocolate too that I did not try and an original that was yummy. The lip gloss flavor I got was mint and it is soothing to  my lips ($3.50). I feel that their products are healing. My boyfriend also grabbed a jar of Kurt’s Apple Pie Mead.  It had a really smooth sweet flavor. To visit their website, click below :

Savannah Bee Company


Another really cute and inspiring idea is the Sparkle Jar from the Island Gypseas shop. We found this on Tybee Island. This shop is one of my favorites that I visited as it was in the little row of shops pictured on my last post. I will put it below though again.


The point of this jar is to write down amazing things that happen on little slips of paper and put in the jar. Then at the end of the year or on a dark day, pull the notes out to read. LOVE the idea. My boyfriend and I are starting ours tonight, January 1, 2017.


There is nothing I love more than beautiful art. I unfortunately cannot afford those large canvases though for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. A tip is to ask or look for prints that are postcards/stationary. Though the image is smaller, you can put them in a nice frame and the prints will look amazing! These prints were $3 each. These photographs above are by Wen McNally. Beautiful!


I got these small prints at Fish Art in Tybee Island, GA. They ranged from $3-$5 each. I believe the one in the middle was $5. I loved all of them !

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the treasures we discovered! I will post the photography soon. Have a wonderful night. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Drive safe & make good choices.


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