Snuggs – Cat Photography


Let me introduce you to our very unusual cat, Snuggs. We adopted him around Christmas of 2016. We lived in a crappy apartment complex and thought he had a home. He was always hanging around our neighbors. The colder it got though, the more often we would find him outside our apartment door. We set up a small crate for him outside with a blanket. He started sleeping there every night. Before long, we started feeding him and giving him fresh water. This turned into us realizing that he did not have a home. Snuggs had a lot of neighbors that cared about him but did not claim him.

We tried adopting him out but (fortunately) there was very little interest. When we first took him in he was scrawny, hungry, had lost a lot of hair, and had a lot of sores on his body. Thankfully, I work for a vet that helped get him back in better shape. He did not have a name when he came to us. Thankfully, my boyfriend picked out his sweet name. Sometimes, his name reminds me of dryer sheets. But he loves to Snuggle so Snuggs fit perfectly.

Long story short, we officially adopted him. He is hands down the best thing that came from that apartment complex. We have since moved. I remember when we were packing up, Snuggs watched from outside as the boxes were packed. I wondered how many times he had been left before. This time, he got to come. We now live in a safe neighborhood. He has made many neighbor friends. The neighbors to the left of us have named him “Tom” (aka peeping tom) because he likes to peer in their windows. The neighbors to the right of us down the street call him “John” and bought him a hair brush.  The neighbors in front of us set out a water bowl and buy him treats (they do not have cats). They also have taken many pictures of him on top of their car and in their thanksgiving pumpkin arrangement.  Snuggs brought them a Christmas gift this year in thanks of the good care.

Though I would like to believe my boyfriend and I are the only people that rescued him…this would not be true. The kindness people have shown Snuggs has helped him heal. He has a condition where he licks his skin until at times it bleeds. It is a psychological disorder that I can relate too. He is over grooming to try to comfort that which cannot be reached inside him. Struggling with PTSD and depression, I’m very familiar with that pain.  He used to do it constantly. Now, it is not so compulsive.

Snuggs does a lot of unusual things. He never stops surprising me with the positions he can get in and the spots that he fearlessly climbs.  Lately, he has discovered that laying on our roof while grooming himself is fun. The picture below is of him doing just that. Another great trick he does is convince people that he is lost and hungry. We have had more people call the number on his tag  that think they are “rescuing” him (he is an outside cat). He has even been picked up by a rescue organization. My boyfriend had to go pick him up the following day and pay an overnight boarding fee charge….. yeah…. -_-

I’m proud of Snuggs though. His veterinarian, Dr. Hardymon, said that he looked amazing recently. She could not believe it was the same cat as a year ago. Go Snuggs!




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