Shopping Haul-Dollar Tree


I went to the Dollar Tree today and saw a lot of cute things.  I am not really into pink though and Valentines Day pink things are everywhere haha. They did have some really adorable bags though which I have posted below. I feel like this store is incorporating a lot of animal designs into their items which I love. The dog ties above are adorable. In hindsight I probably should have picked one up for my chihuahua as it would have made a good conversation piece.

They also had some cute little notepads. I did not get them but thought that the designs and quotes on the were motivational. I’ve always been drawn to pastel colors too. I once painted my bedroom walls this hideous pink… but we don’t talk about that.. 🙂

The last thing I want to mention are the candles. They had a good selection of candles the last time I went. My favorite one is the one below. It looks like a miniature coffee with the plastic cup lid!  The scent is coffee as well. I bought two because they were the only two left. I also got two of the miniature woodwick type candles.  I will have to take a picture of them to add. I’m interested to see how they burn because they do smell really good. I got the apple and vanilla scent. Hoping that they will make crackling sounds like the bigger versions do.

Have a wonderful night. Sweet dreams and stay warm.


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