I am OVER college. It feels like a scam.

I am not one of those people that slacks off in school. I actually try very hard and normally make A’s. I graduated with an Associates of Science in Social Sciences from Tidewater Community College in Chesapeake, VA a few years ago. I had this idea that by getting a transferable degree that I would go on to a Bachelors degree.


I am from Charleston, SC. The college choices for four year degrees are

Charleston Southern

College of Charleston

The Art Institute 

You can click on those schools above to be directed to the tuition page. The most expensive degree that I would be interested in is the Art Institute’s Digital Photography Bachelors Degree for $90,136.

WHAT is happening? Prices are sky rocketing for college and education is becoming for the rich. I truly want to go to school. But despite FAFSA, I still would owe A LOT to go to a four year college. This leaves me with the only option of taking out huge loans. Sure, I don’t have to pay it while I am in school. But when I graduate I would be hit with $400 plus loan payments per month. Artists normally do NOT have that kid of cash. It is not like I am becoming a doctor. I’m a photographer, blogger, and traveler.  I can’t even afford my car payment and I work full time.


I need to vent for am moment too about books. I am unsure if other people are dealing with this at their school.  I used to be able to get used school books off websites like Amazon.  The $100 books I could sometimes find for under $10 on there. However, now Trident Tech (a two year college) has started requiring books with Access Codes . Used books normally do not have unused access codes in them. Therefore, you have to buy the books new.  You CAN buy a used book and an access code separately. However, access codes range between $70-$100 .


I’m a hard worker and actually do enjoy college.  I would love to have a Bachelors Degree on my wall. But I do not even remotely know how to make it happen right now. I tried going back to Trident Tech for a few semesters to get a business degree. I unfortunately do not feel I learned much even though I did well grade wise in the classes. I wanted to stick with it. Today, I logged into my course and on the first page are these statements below:

“Problems with FINANCIAL AID is NEVER AN EXCUSE for not having a textbook or LearnSmart access.

You can get a FREE 14 day trial period ONLINE Textbook and access to all your LearnSmart assignments if you cannot pay for your textbook at the beginning of the semester.  As long as you enter the codes for a PAID textbook before the end of 14 days, all your LearnSmart assignments will be saved.

If you cannot purchase a textbook by the end of the 14 day trial period, you may consider withdrawing from the class.  It is impossible to pass this class without LearnSmart online access. ” 

I actually felt physically and emotionally disgusted inside. There are so many people that cannot afford these crazy textbook prices. Sue the free TRIAL for 14 days is nice but what if you can’t afford you book with code after the trial? You just withdraw from the class????

I’m so sad and confused right now. I don’t see a path.


2 thoughts on “I am OVER college. It feels like a scam.

  1. Hang in there sweetheart. Hopefully we will see a change. Your a smart woman. Keep going!! Failure is not your destination. Your an amazing person with an abundance of talent . Find the money in the system it’s out there , and you deserve your share. 👊


    • Thank you for the motivation! It is hard to not feel very defeated sometimes but what the options are. I know I am not the only one going through this. It just helps to vent and write it down. I appreciate you following me an taking the time to comment!

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