Valentines Day Scrabble Craft DIY


Hey Yall!

Hope everyone had a good day. I apparently got very inspired today. This is my SECOND Valentines Day craft! I got the idea from Cheap Crafty Girl on youtube. She did a scrabble frame using some romantic words. I decided to put my boyfriend and my name together .  The cool thing about frame crafts is that you can use ANY kind of scrapbook paper for background. Also, you could use any words in your craft that you wanted. You could even spell words in a foreign language!

You can find the video that inspired me here.


Here are the supplies I used.

Glue Gun (bought a new one with glue sticks tonight at Michaels)


Frame (can be any size. I chose a 4×6 from a thrift store for 99 cents)

A sheet of scrapbook paper (I bought a Christmas scrapbook paper set for $3.99 on sale at 80% off at Michaels) .

Scrabble Pieces or Banana Grahams (these also look just like scrabble pieces without the tiny numbers on the scrabble pieces.)


First, plug your glue gun in to warm up. A quick tip is to put a piece of tinfoil underneath it for quick clean up if the glue drips.

Take the picture out of the frame you bought and use it to help you measure while cutting the scrapbook paper. I just hold it up to the paper and cut around it.

Put paper back in your frame FIRST. Put the glass behind it. Lastly, close the back and make sure it is secured. Your craft should now look like this:


Now, I cannot emphasize this enough… BEFORE hot gluing any letters to your paper, figure out exactly how you want to position you scrabble letters. You want to make sure they all fit.

Once positioned, start gluing the letters one at a time. I would do one word at a time. I started with the horizontal word “Jeremy” and then worked on my vertical word “Jenny.” The glue dries FAST!

I was so happy with this craft!! Our counter looks SO much better . Here is a before and after…..Big Difference!!!!

I hope all of this was very simple to understand. You are welcome to comment and/or ask me any questions. I love things that are affordable & easy.

Have a wonderful night! I’m off to take a hot shower. It has been a long day.

Just as a side note…I’ve started lighting candles at night. It is very relaxing! I need to do it more often. The key is getting candles that you really enjoy the smell of. Some candles may be cheap but if you do not like the smell you will never light them 🙂 .



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