Polar Bear Craft for Kids and Thrift Find

Hey guys!

Hope your day did not feel quite as long as mine. I can’t say today was the greatest. I checked my account at one point and had around $1.25 in my account. -_- I always get down to some change before I get paid. A goal of mine is to REALLY focus on what I am buying. I often get carried away and end up with too much. The problem is that I need so many different things. #LifeisHard

So I made a kids craft that I found on Pinterest! Actually the website Fireflies + Mudpies  posted the craft.  It may seem silly that I myself did the kid’s craft but I honestly wanted to figure out how easy it was and what is the best way to do it.

This is what my Polar Bear Craft ended up looking like :


I feel like this craft could be really good for pre schoolers on up. Even younger could do this as long as they were assisted.  Below is a picture of the items you may want to get for this craft.


Things you will definitely want: 

Cotton Balls

Polar Bear Silhouette which can be found here FREE

Glue or Glue Stick (Dollar Tree)

Construction Paper, Styrofoam Paper, and or scrapbook paper that can be used as a background  (scrapbook paper sheets are very cheap at Michaels)

Googly Eyes (bought at Walmart from craft section)


Things you MAY want : 

Foam Paint Brush

Snow Flake Confetti

This craft is pretty simple. Print out the polar bear silhouette. Cut out the silhouette.


You have two options here. You can go ahead and glue cotton balls onto the silhouette or use silhouette as a stencil to help guide you in cutting a polar bear out of a Styrofoam sheet (just to make craft more sturdy). Once you have your bear,  you can start tearing cotton balls in half and gluing them down onto the bear.


Take your time with this. It does not have to be perfect. If it turns out looking like a cloud or rabbit that is ok! Once your bear is covered with cotton balls, glue your googly eye down.  I would recommend gluing it down where there are not cotton balls.  I just used my finger to create a small area where there was no cotton. Also, use black construction or Styrofoam paper to cut a small circle for the nose. Glue that on as well.


I went to Michaels and looked at all the scrapbook paper for the background (you could use construction paper too!) . The blue sparkly one stood out to me the most.I also like that it felt durable. The thicker paper was next to the thin scrapbook paper. It is  a little more expensive but I feel it is worth it since this craft is heavier. My paper was $1.99 on sale for $1. Since it is a polar bear I am going for a wintery feel. I put glue on the back of my bear and glued him to the scrapbook paper.  I did add a few confetti sized snow flakes. Your child could just get very creative with the paper. They could even draw their own  background!


I hope yall enjoyed this! It was fun and is a great sensory craft. Very cheap and inexpensive!

One of my last thrift store items is this candle holder. It is really pretty! I love all the different colors. I was just really drawn to it. I paid around $3.50 for it. I have started to really get into candles. Anything that promotes relaxation I am like YESSSSS.


Have a good night!! I hope your child enjoys this craft and if you are an adult and want to do it, that is great! 🙂 Have fun and be a kid.


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