Who Else is Broke? & Dave Ramsey


Hey Yall

Hope you are having a good night. I have started re listening to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Cd’s. I would highly recommend his books and his cds ! He has so many great tips on saving and getting out of debt. As I learn his tips I will share them with you. His plan has a lot to do with learning to use just cash to pay for everything (because a card is so easy to swipe/aka overspending). He strongly emphasizes saving up an emergency account of $1,000 ($500 if you make under $20,000 and are single).  I’m thankful to say that as poor as I feel,  I DO have $500 in savings. The hardest part is NOT touching it unless it is a true emergency.

Examples of Emergencies:

Car Problem where I need a tow or to get it fixed

Unable to pay a monthly bil

Dogs or cats have a medical emergency

If myself or my boyfriend go in the hospital

I have to stay focused on things like the above  


Needing Starbucks

Stress Shopping

Buying food to stress eat


This is the story of my life ….right here….


Working on changing this. I hope one day things will not be this hard.

I found a website called Midwest Modern Momma. They have some good savings tips. I would recommend taking a look at this page here.

Hope everyone has a good night!


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