Free Printable Bookmarks

Hey guys!

I hope yall enjoy reading because I found a few printable bookmarks for you that are cute! I do recommend printing them on card stock if you have it so that the bookmarks will be sturdier. Click here for L’Atelier de Magie’s free printable bookmarks.

Reading is such an affordable and enjoyable escape from life.  If you feel you do not like reading then I challenge you to try to read something different. You may have tried reading a book that you could not connect with. Some people enjoy Fantasy while others  (like myself) veer towards non fiction. True crime and mystery keeps me interested!

Another set of FREE printable bookmarks comes from the Blooming Homestead. Click here for bookmarks with a Shabby Chic feel!

Lastly, here is a set of printable winter bookmarks that you can color! You can find them here on bydawnnicole’s page. I think it is really unique that she drew the designs and then shared them for others to color!

 I hope everyone enjoys those!!

Below is a picture I discovered of what would be a craft fail for myself.  Ever wonder how in the world something worked that well? This is one of those times. I am imagining melted crayons stuck all over my windshield and me trying to scrape them off with my credit card. Is it just me??



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