Seaglass DIY


“Seaglass Paint” DIY

Hey yall!

I saw this craft on Pinterest and wanted to try it. I have always thought Seaglass colors were pretty. The instructions to make this paint seemed almost too simple so I was not expecting much. Surprisingly, I was really impressed with how my jar turned out after painting it.



Supplies you will need:

Elmers Glue (you do not need a ton. Just enough to coat the outside of the glass you are painting.

Food Coloring (I used green but you can use ANY color. I think blue would be really pretty..)

Sponge paint brush (you can get these at Michaels for under $1)

Glass (you do NOT have to use a Mason jar. Anything glass should work. Thrift shops have tons)

Small ramekin or bowl (to mix glue and food coloring in)

What to do: 

It is THIS easy….

Squeeze your glue into a small bowl/ramekin. I used probably 1/6 cup if that. Then add food coloring. You do NOT need a ton. Mix together with your sponge brush. Take your time and apply  a light coat on your glass. Be patient, as this “paint” is definitely sticky. Try to keep going over with your brush until you get an even coat. For a light sea glass effect I used three drops of food coloring. I  also painted one of my taller bottles and used 5 drops of food coloring. The greener color was noticeably darker. Personally, I like how the mason jar turned out the best.

Hope you enjoy!

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