Do not be afraid.

Do you ever just see an inspirational quote that speaks to you? I saw this one today:

“Do not be afraid. You were born for this.”


Today was intense. This is my last day off before I am 12 days on at work -_-  . I feel tired and I have not even started working yet.

Some exciting news is that I met with a website designer today. She works with my boyfriend and offered to volunteer her time, in return for a Starbucks coffee, to give me some tips. For those that do not know yet, I am creating my website currently. It is not up yet but is in the works! Signed up tonight with the host I chose tonight. Waiting 24 hours to hear back. Tomorrow, I will install and start looking at the layouts they provide.

The idea of having a professional blog has been one of mine or a long time! My other blog was . I wrote in that one for a long time but it was always a free blog.

Finally, I feel like I am moving in the right direction!!

I’ve spent way too much time wishing and complaining. I can blame a lot of elements in my life but ultimately, if I want something I need to figure out how to obtain it.

On a side note, tonight my boyfriend and I went to Big Lots.   I got some Biscottis and K Cups.

This is the first time that I have bought K Cups in Bulk. They had different flavored 42 packs for $15 each. I struggled with whether to buy one but I reasoned that

42 Starbucks coffees at $5 a piece (42 x 5) = $210 .

Therefore, I saved $195 by paying $15 . That works for me! I am looking forward to trying those Biscottis!


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