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Hey guys! My blog is moving to . Please head on over there with me and click follow on that webpage. I will continue to post crafts, photography, book review, financial advice, etc on that page. I will not be continuing this page but will leave this here so everyone knows where to find me ! The page is a work in progress. I just got it up and running today (with a lot of help from my boyfriend). I hope you enjoy and thank you for following me !


My Brother Died


There are no words for how hard today has been. My brother died of a massive heart attack yesterday. My soul aches. I have cried a million tears today. After finding out I wanted to curl into a ball and die. He is my third sibling that has died. Somewhere, I found some strength. I believe in the power of prayer and think that it may have been so many people that were praying that got me through this. I went to where he had been living, met the woman that had been caring for him, and acquired a few of his bandannas & a knife.

If you knew my brother, Will, you would know he was never seen without his bandannas, chain, and leather jacket. He was the most cool person I have ever met. Will was a biker that had many friends. He absolutely loved riding. I hope you can ride in heaven because a bike is the first thing he is going to ask for.

Will had this great laugh and amazing light about him. He always remembered to tell me he loved me and had recently been making an effort to reach out to me to be in my life more.

One memory I want to remember was in December of 2016. He texted me and said for me to call him right back. Worried it was an emergency, I did. It was raining and I was literally almost home. However, he wanted to meet up and I agreed to meet him at Barnes & Noble . This is not something I normally would have done as I was super tired. But I felt led to and did. He was so excited to have a new car to show me. He bought be my first coffee at Starbucks in West Ashley and we walked around the bookstore. He had never been in a Barnes and Noble and was in awe of all the books. He said it would have been nice to have this collection in jail.  He was bummed though that there was not a death metal section in their music collection.  A lady in the store found a pair of biker gloves that she thought belonged to him. They did not however he quickly said he would take them lol. Will loved 3D type things. He ended up buying these 3D glasses that work with an iphone. I know nothing of technology but he enjoyed the idea of playing with them….  He asked me before I headed out if I wanted to check the glasses out with him…. I wish I had….

I miss him so much. I will miss his calls. His different numbers he always seemed to have. His randomness. His crazy cussing. His demeanor . All of it. So much.

The last time we went to a restaurant he asked about me with actual interest. I believe he asked about both my job and education. He was pleased that I had my Associates Degree and told me about once selling houses. Once finding out that I was potentially interested in it he became very excited that maybe one day him and I could do it together. He ordered a steak and told me the next meal would be on him. He had this crude humor that was inappropriate and yet made him Will. There was moments when I would try to relate from my world and he would come back with his answer from his.

RIP Will. Thank you for surviving, finding me, and loving me. I know you did not plan to leave me like this.


Do not be afraid.

Do you ever just see an inspirational quote that speaks to you? I saw this one today:

“Do not be afraid. You were born for this.”


Today was intense. This is my last day off before I am 12 days on at work -_-  . I feel tired and I have not even started working yet.

Some exciting news is that I met with a website designer today. She works with my boyfriend and offered to volunteer her time, in return for a Starbucks coffee, to give me some tips. For those that do not know yet, I am creating my website currently. It is not up yet but is in the works! Signed up tonight with the host I chose tonight. Waiting 24 hours to hear back. Tomorrow, I will install and start looking at the layouts they provide.

The idea of having a professional blog has been one of mine or a long time! My other blog was . I wrote in that one for a long time but it was always a free blog.

Finally, I feel like I am moving in the right direction!!

I’ve spent way too much time wishing and complaining. I can blame a lot of elements in my life but ultimately, if I want something I need to figure out how to obtain it.

On a side note, tonight my boyfriend and I went to Big Lots.   I got some Biscottis and K Cups.

This is the first time that I have bought K Cups in Bulk. They had different flavored 42 packs for $15 each. I struggled with whether to buy one but I reasoned that

42 Starbucks coffees at $5 a piece (42 x 5) = $210 .

Therefore, I saved $195 by paying $15 . That works for me! I am looking forward to trying those Biscottis!

Rainy Morning

Rain is so calming when I get to be off working.  Working in kennel with animals, you must learn to adapt to many different situation. Yesterday it was rainy outside and I must admit, I felt like crying before going into work. I’m much more of an inside girl than I am an outside girl.

One of the best things is waking up in the morning when it is raining. I love sleeping in, not having many obligations (none is better), and cuddling with my boyfriend & pets. I also love taking pictures of flowers after it rains.  I will insert one here i took a long time ago. It continues to be my favorite.


Seaglass DIY


“Seaglass Paint” DIY

Hey yall!

I saw this craft on Pinterest and wanted to try it. I have always thought Seaglass colors were pretty. The instructions to make this paint seemed almost too simple so I was not expecting much. Surprisingly, I was really impressed with how my jar turned out after painting it.



Supplies you will need:

Elmers Glue (you do not need a ton. Just enough to coat the outside of the glass you are painting.

Food Coloring (I used green but you can use ANY color. I think blue would be really pretty..)

Sponge paint brush (you can get these at Michaels for under $1)

Glass (you do NOT have to use a Mason jar. Anything glass should work. Thrift shops have tons)

Small ramekin or bowl (to mix glue and food coloring in)

What to do: 

It is THIS easy….

Squeeze your glue into a small bowl/ramekin. I used probably 1/6 cup if that. Then add food coloring. You do NOT need a ton. Mix together with your sponge brush. Take your time and apply  a light coat on your glass. Be patient, as this “paint” is definitely sticky. Try to keep going over with your brush until you get an even coat. For a light sea glass effect I used three drops of food coloring. I  also painted one of my taller bottles and used 5 drops of food coloring. The greener color was noticeably darker. Personally, I like how the mason jar turned out the best.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for following me!

Free State Printable

Before I crash tonight I also wanted to post a link to free state printables that I found. These would make really cute wall art. I liked how there was a list of all the different states to choose from on Burlap and Blue’s page.  Click here for the free state printables.

I hope you enjoy! Who does not like free stuff these days 🙂


Free Printable Bookmarks

Hey guys!

I hope yall enjoy reading because I found a few printable bookmarks for you that are cute! I do recommend printing them on card stock if you have it so that the bookmarks will be sturdier. Click here for L’Atelier de Magie’s free printable bookmarks.

Reading is such an affordable and enjoyable escape from life.  If you feel you do not like reading then I challenge you to try to read something different. You may have tried reading a book that you could not connect with. Some people enjoy Fantasy while others  (like myself) veer towards non fiction. True crime and mystery keeps me interested!

Another set of FREE printable bookmarks comes from the Blooming Homestead. Click here for bookmarks with a Shabby Chic feel!

Lastly, here is a set of printable winter bookmarks that you can color! You can find them here on bydawnnicole’s page. I think it is really unique that she drew the designs and then shared them for others to color!

 I hope everyone enjoys those!!

Below is a picture I discovered of what would be a craft fail for myself.  Ever wonder how in the world something worked that well? This is one of those times. I am imagining melted crayons stuck all over my windshield and me trying to scrape them off with my credit card. Is it just me??