Who Else is Broke? & Dave Ramsey


Hey Yall

Hope you are having a good night. I have started re listening to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Cd’s. I would highly recommend his books and his cds ! He has so many great tips on saving and getting out of debt. As I learn his tips I will share them with you. His plan has a lot to do with learning to use just cash to pay for everything (because a card is so easy to swipe/aka overspending). He strongly emphasizes saving up an emergency account of $1,000 ($500 if you make under $20,000 and are single).  I’m thankful to say that as poor as I feel,  I DO have $500 in savings. The hardest part is NOT touching it unless it is a true emergency.

Examples of Emergencies:

Car Problem where I need a tow or to get it fixed

Unable to pay a monthly bil

Dogs or cats have a medical emergency

If myself or my boyfriend go in the hospital

I have to stay focused on things like the above  


Needing Starbucks

Stress Shopping

Buying food to stress eat


This is the story of my life ….right here….


Working on changing this. I hope one day things will not be this hard.

I found a website called Midwest Modern Momma. They have some good savings tips. I would recommend taking a look at this page here.

Hope everyone has a good night!


Depression Hurts


Tonight, I am feeling pretty defeated. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Sometimes, it is difficult to do anything at all. I have to say ok, I am going to take a shower, feed the pets, go to a petsit, and then go to work. If I do not have it planned out in my head then life feels so overwhelming.  Our new schedule came out too at work and it looks like I will be working 12 days in a row coming up. -_-  yeah……

Tomorrow we get paid and I am trying to figure out how to keep the money from dissolving into thin air. I plan on listening to John Ramseys cds again. I have been doing the  monthly savings jar. Jeremy has to so the plan is, by the end of December, we will have $1050. For that plan, click here.

I feel very physically and psychologically exhausted. Despite being scheduled to work the other day, I did make it to counseling. Counseling is both good and draining. Discussing what is in fact bothering me is harder than avoiding it. I have become an expert at pretty much avoiding everything these days. I work and I come home.

I post entries like this one to bring awareness to depression. There are tons of books on the condition but I feel it is even more powerful to hear someones testimony on their own experience.

I just have to have faith that this will pass. Tomorrow will be better.

Polar Bear Craft for Kids and Thrift Find

Hey guys!

Hope your day did not feel quite as long as mine. I can’t say today was the greatest. I checked my account at one point and had around $1.25 in my account. -_- I always get down to some change before I get paid. A goal of mine is to REALLY focus on what I am buying. I often get carried away and end up with too much. The problem is that I need so many different things. #LifeisHard

So I made a kids craft that I found on Pinterest! Actually the website Fireflies + Mudpies  posted the craft.  It may seem silly that I myself did the kid’s craft but I honestly wanted to figure out how easy it was and what is the best way to do it.

This is what my Polar Bear Craft ended up looking like :


I feel like this craft could be really good for pre schoolers on up. Even younger could do this as long as they were assisted.  Below is a picture of the items you may want to get for this craft.


Things you will definitely want: 

Cotton Balls

Polar Bear Silhouette which can be found here FREE

Glue or Glue Stick (Dollar Tree)

Construction Paper, Styrofoam Paper, and or scrapbook paper that can be used as a background  (scrapbook paper sheets are very cheap at Michaels)

Googly Eyes (bought at Walmart from craft section)


Things you MAY want : 

Foam Paint Brush

Snow Flake Confetti

This craft is pretty simple. Print out the polar bear silhouette. Cut out the silhouette.


You have two options here. You can go ahead and glue cotton balls onto the silhouette or use silhouette as a stencil to help guide you in cutting a polar bear out of a Styrofoam sheet (just to make craft more sturdy). Once you have your bear,  you can start tearing cotton balls in half and gluing them down onto the bear.


Take your time with this. It does not have to be perfect. If it turns out looking like a cloud or rabbit that is ok! Once your bear is covered with cotton balls, glue your googly eye down.  I would recommend gluing it down where there are not cotton balls.  I just used my finger to create a small area where there was no cotton. Also, use black construction or Styrofoam paper to cut a small circle for the nose. Glue that on as well.


I went to Michaels and looked at all the scrapbook paper for the background (you could use construction paper too!) . The blue sparkly one stood out to me the most.I also like that it felt durable. The thicker paper was next to the thin scrapbook paper. It is  a little more expensive but I feel it is worth it since this craft is heavier. My paper was $1.99 on sale for $1. Since it is a polar bear I am going for a wintery feel. I put glue on the back of my bear and glued him to the scrapbook paper.  I did add a few confetti sized snow flakes. Your child could just get very creative with the paper. They could even draw their own  background!


I hope yall enjoyed this! It was fun and is a great sensory craft. Very cheap and inexpensive!

One of my last thrift store items is this candle holder. It is really pretty! I love all the different colors. I was just really drawn to it. I paid around $3.50 for it. I have started to really get into candles. Anything that promotes relaxation I am like YESSSSS.


Have a good night!! I hope your child enjoys this craft and if you are an adult and want to do it, that is great! 🙂 Have fun and be a kid.

Free Shelf & Travel

Hey Guys!

Do you ever drive by someones trash pile and then quickly put your car in reverse? I can’t tell you how many times I have done this. If you never do, consider that a good thing because you are probably a lot more financially secure than me 🙂 I can’t tell you what in my boyfriend and my house was purchased new other than the fridge…  We get most of our things from thrift stores, dollar stores, or….. from someone throwing it out.

This was yesterdays find. I wish I had taken a picture of it before I put all my art stuff on it but I was pleased. Very happy to transfer from a tiny shelf to a five level shelf. It is clearly used and the front of the particle board on a few of the shelves is showing. It does its job though and is sturdy. Hey, you can’t go wrong with FREE! It is below…


Tonight, after organizing some, I also hung up my Dollar Tree poster of America. I have never felt like I don’t get out of the house enough more than when I looked at where I had been. Let’s just say I have not been far……   The white tacks are where I have visited. Clearly, I need to do more traveling….

I highly recommend getting  a map if you enjoy traveling or would like to see where you have been (or want to go)!

I am going to do a kids craft soon. It may sound silly to do it myself but I like to try crafts and post picture explaining how to do them. 🙂  Plus, I am a big kid.

Night everyone!

Message Board Frame Craft-Easy DIY

Hey guys!

I saw this really easy DIY on Pinterest and wanted to share it with you.

Picture Frame Message Board 



Picture Frame (can find at a thrift store or Dollar Store)


Sheet of scrapbook paper  (get creative and use any background you like)

Dry Erase Marker (black would probably stand out best)

How To Make:

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame. Place paper inside frame and secure backing.

It is THAT easy

Why Make This? 

This is an adorable, cheap, and easy way to make a message board. You can write your goals, grocery list, romantic notes, things to remember, etc on it! Below is a picture of what the board looks like before writing is on it. Get creative. You can use any shape or size of frame and any kind of background.


Have fun!

Confusion & Career trouble & Mental Illness

Looking back at my last 29 years I am amazed that I survived it. I really am.


I have always gone back and forth about what I wanted my career to be. For a while I focused on the medical field because I had heard that is where the money is. And Lord knows I needed that. I got my CNA certificate but never went on to get state certified. At some point I finally managed to get my Associate of Science in Social Sciences. Why I did this I can’t even remember. Later, I revisited the medical field with the idea at Charleston Southern of being a Nurse. I started with that as my major but then realized when I took a tour of the nursing building that as clean as it was, I was not interested. Thought of doing EMT course at Trident Tech. Realized after a lot of research that I can’t stand seeing blood or people hurt. yeah……..

Switched my major to Education. I took a Health and Old Testament class for a semester. It was a relief to be out of a medical major but I did not feel good with the Education major either. I met a nice girl that was 150% into her Education major. She was so happy and excited with the idea of being a teacher. The more she talked about it the more I wanted to get away from her. It had nothing to do with her, I just realized I made a mistake.


I ended up leaving the college in the middle of this semester. I regret not at least finishing it out to get the credits because  my grandfather did pay for it. Hindsight is a bitch.

Later, I thought of going into Business. This has been my latest endeavor. I had  never tried this major and for a second it worked. I find business interesting and sometimes get books on how to save money. Rarely though do I get around to reading the books though. Hence, why I am always broke…. -_- I took two classes in Business. Business 101 and Business Ethics. God help you if you EVER take Business Ethics. I thought I was going to die that class felt so hard. After surviving it, I was burned out.  I was signed up for classes this semester but withdrew from everything. I feel miserable about the college and the cost to go. Also, I did not feel I was getting anything out of taking the classes. In all honesty, I probably was and withdrawing may have been a stupid decision.

My mind feels like  a roller coaster that never settles. I can never figure out the right path or like something for long enough to stick with it. I will love something hard for a moment and then the moment passes……  Can anyone relate to this? It is tricky and scary to try to organize your life when you never know who exactly you are going to be tomorrow. I went for a very long time without blogging but thankfully the desire to do that did come back.

Adding to the list of things I have tried is Photography. I did it often as a hobby for a long time. I even had an Etsy store. Then people started wanting me to do their portraits (I am horribly introverted) and offering to pay. I tried to push myself to do that but never good. Photography did not feel fun anymore now that people wanted to hire me. Instead of feeling complimented I shut down and stopped. The desire to do it is starting to come back.

I feel like I am on a Ferris wheel.

If you are struggling with career trouble and mental illness please do not feel alone. I am right there with you on all of that. I wish I knew what the answer was. I can tell you that out of EVERYTHING I have tried job wise that the one at only job I have been able to stick with is one at a vets office. I have worked as a Kennel Tech for years, feeding and caring for all the boarding/daycare animals. There is something VERY therapeutic about working with animals. You have to work with them in a setting that works for you. I tried working as a Veterinary Assistant and I did that for a little while. The euthanasias REALLY got to me. I found myself not being able to leave work at the door and crying all the way home. I went back to the kennel department and am much happier.

Though I enjoy it, I know financially I could not make it in Charleston, SC if I were single. That makes me VERY insecure. I am working on a savings account right now so I can build up some back up money. I am always planning and bracing myself for what is going to happen next. No longer do I carry around cans of soup in my trunk or luggage that has not been unpacked. So in many ways, things for a minute have gotten better.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all the support and people that take the time to visit my blog. Have a good night!

Valentines Day Scrabble Craft DIY


Hey Yall!

Hope everyone had a good day. I apparently got very inspired today. This is my SECOND Valentines Day craft! I got the idea from Cheap Crafty Girl on youtube. She did a scrabble frame using some romantic words. I decided to put my boyfriend and my name together .  The cool thing about frame crafts is that you can use ANY kind of scrapbook paper for background. Also, you could use any words in your craft that you wanted. You could even spell words in a foreign language!

You can find the video that inspired me here.


Here are the supplies I used.

Glue Gun (bought a new one with glue sticks tonight at Michaels)


Frame (can be any size. I chose a 4×6 from a thrift store for 99 cents)

A sheet of scrapbook paper (I bought a Christmas scrapbook paper set for $3.99 on sale at 80% off at Michaels) .

Scrabble Pieces or Banana Grahams (these also look just like scrabble pieces without the tiny numbers on the scrabble pieces.)


First, plug your glue gun in to warm up. A quick tip is to put a piece of tinfoil underneath it for quick clean up if the glue drips.

Take the picture out of the frame you bought and use it to help you measure while cutting the scrapbook paper. I just hold it up to the paper and cut around it.

Put paper back in your frame FIRST. Put the glass behind it. Lastly, close the back and make sure it is secured. Your craft should now look like this:


Now, I cannot emphasize this enough… BEFORE hot gluing any letters to your paper, figure out exactly how you want to position you scrabble letters. You want to make sure they all fit.

Once positioned, start gluing the letters one at a time. I would do one word at a time. I started with the horizontal word “Jeremy” and then worked on my vertical word “Jenny.” The glue dries FAST!

I was so happy with this craft!! Our counter looks SO much better . Here is a before and after…..Big Difference!!!!

I hope all of this was very simple to understand. You are welcome to comment and/or ask me any questions. I love things that are affordable & easy.

Have a wonderful night! I’m off to take a hot shower. It has been a long day.

Just as a side note…I’ve started lighting candles at night. It is very relaxing! I need to do it more often. The key is getting candles that you really enjoy the smell of. Some candles may be cheap but if you do not like the smell you will never light them 🙂 .